sysvoot anti-corruption compliance policy


This Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy (the “Policy”) represents a part of commitment of SYSVOOT to conduct our business ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws wherever we operate.


This Policy establishes the basic principles and requirements for compliance with the provisions of Anti-Corruption Laws by SYSVOOT, the Employees of SYSVOOT, and any party or agency affiliated with SYSVOOT.

This Policy aims to reach the following goals

  • Prohibitions against bribery and corruption in all of its operations.
  • Preventing any manifestations of corruption, both on behalf of and in regard to the Company and/or its Employees.
  • Aiming to have an inclusive culture.
Target Audience

The Policy is applicable to all of the Company’s Employees, including the board of directors, officers and personnel hired through third-party contracts.

Every Employee is required to have knowledge about and even adhere to this Policy.

All Employees have a personal responsibility and obligation to conduct the Company’s business activities ethically and in compliance with the law. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Employees may also be subject to regulatory and criminal action, which may lead to fines, debarment from certain positions, reputational harm and other sanctions up to and including imprisonment.

This Policy applies to Agents and their personnel by extension, to the extent the requirements herein are manifested in agreements with such third-parties.


If a person belonging to SYSVOOT or its third-party alliance has found to be involved in corrupt practices or criminal liability, then immediate action would be undertaken by SYSVOOT. The actions undertaken would be held as per the company's law enforcement unit in lieu with the internal procedures as specified by SYSVOOT's charter, in accordance with the anti-corruption policy of SYSVOOT.