6 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2022

With the increase in internet use, the increase in cyber threats is on the cards. Curious to know the trends in cybersecurity? Then read further to know more.

The advent of technology has made our lives undeniably comfortable. But the rise in technology and the internet has brought with them their share of issues. Some of our predictions in a nutshell include:

  • Cyberactivism will accentuate
  • Hackers will target victims of natural calamities
  • Crypto-based scams will gain momentum
  • Online tracking will lose its charm

This year would see some new advancements and threats. Some of the predictions for 2022 in the field of cybersecurity include:

Crypto-Based Scams Would Increase

Currently, there is a growth in the use of cryptocurrencies. Many companies have accepted it as a legal means and new norms are being levied to make use of cryptocurrencies easy. This has opened the space for people lacking knowledge in cryptocurrencies to invest in them. This further opens the arena for tricksters to target these people who lack adequate knowledge for their gains. So as the sudden interest in this field will attract various users, we predict the magnitude of these scams will also increase. Along with the old ways, we also expect to spot innovative means adopted by tricksters to scam people.

Slowing Down of Online Tracking

Online tracking has been a major issue the previous few years. While using cookies for a particular website is beneficial and fine, third-party cookies create a threat. The cookies of any website help retain your past information or guide you about your past activity; the third-party cookies track your online information and activity. This has created a major debate and now various laws and regulations have come into the picture that penalizes websites and firms that track online activity without the consensus of the user.

Importance of Digital ID

The pandemic has made every chore digital. Using the internet for attending an appointment, conducting meetings, etc. has been a global trend, and verifying information digitally brings along with it the issue of privacy and breach. So to combat any threat associated with it, a digital iD or eID is bound to gain momentum.

Rise in Terrorism and Threats

While the major intent of cybercriminals is for financial gains, at times, the intent may not be financial. Hackers also use their tactics for political gains like causing havoc, threatening governments or resulting in political intrusion. Hacktivism had been a nuisance in 2021, disclosing discreet information about the government or intelligence. This trend shall extend this year as well.

Use of Disasters to Propogate Attacks

Any disaster is used by hackers for their gains and this year too, this shall remain unchanged. The covid pandemic was used by cybercriminals for propagating scams and threats. So, if this year witnessed more calamities and disasters, the cyber attacks are bound to continue and rather increase.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be an Added Benefit

AI and machine learning has made our lives easy and has become accessible to a lot of people. AI and ML aid us in various tasks and make our lives comfortable. A technology based on these concepts called deepfake witnessed a remarkable popularity. It lets you put words into someone’s actions and generates a convincing video giving the impression as if the person is speaking. As this technology gains popularity, it shall be used more by scammers. Along with this other AI tools shall be used by criminals to cause havoc and gain financial benefits.

So these were the top predictions by us for this year. The rise of cybercrimes is bound to happen and the surer way to protect ourselves is to be vigilant and adopt safety protocols. So be informed and be equipped to protect yourself this year. If you are planning to purchase a good quality antivirus, then our recommendation is SYSVOOT. It also comes with a free day trial that lets you first try it and then invest in it. So try SYSVOOT now and stay protected.

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