8 Online Cyber Safety Tips For Students In The Classroom

8 Online Cyber Safety Tips For Students In The Classroom

After a long hiatus, schools are finally reopening. Children are all excited to start their school lives and teachers are bucking up. While schools are reopening and everything is planni9ng for them, it is essential to educate the kids about how to be safe online.

Issues like cyberbullying, sexting, phishing, etc. all are some of the issues that children and teens face. It is important to make them aware of it and ensure their safety online.

Given below are 8 online cyber safety tips for children while being online that shall ensure they stay safe and protected.

1. Install Antivirus Software

The rule of thumb to be protected in these dangerous times is to have an antivirus installed on your system. And like every day, viruses and malware are becoming robust, it becomes essential to regularly update your firmware to ward off such dangers. If the systems are provided by the school administration, then most probably, the device may have an antivirus, but just in case it doesn’t install it and get it installed to protect your ward.

2. Update The Antivirus Frequently

Update The Antivirus Frequently

Every day hackers are coming with novel programs to infect your devices. In such cases, it becomes essential to update the antivirus frequently. In your child’s system, you can also turn on the automatic update option to ensure they are protected.

3. Turn On Automatic Updates For All Programs

At times, malware and viruses are aimed to target specific programs and software and the general rule is to turn on automatic updates on your kid’s system to safeguard them.

4. Educate Them About Phishing

Educate them about phishing

Phishing is a common cybercrime which not only affects adults but also teens. In phishing, attractive bait is sent out to lure kids and then access their information. So it becomes essential as a parent to inform them about such happenings so that they can identify such threats. Kids may get phishing links in games websites or other platforms they access. So educate them and make them understand that these incredible offers are ways to access their personal information.

5. Ask Them To Keep Strong Passwords

Passwords are the means to access various accounts and websites and so inform the kids about the importance of having a strong password. Also, ask them to keep passwords that are a mix of lower case, upper case, digits, and special characters, something that is difficult to break. Also, advise them to keep different passwords for different accounts.

6. Lookout For Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a huge nuisance and kids are the greatest victims of it. When children spend time online, they get susceptible to such threats. As a parent tell the kids to come to you as soon as they find instances of cyberbullying. Also, if you find out any person bullying your child, block them or call out to them. If the case is severe, inform the police.

7. Limit Online Games

Limit online games

Teens and children love playing online games. Not only does it have an impact on their eyes but also it makes them addicted to it. Once they start playing, they waste time and don’t complete their homework as well. So keep strict rules in your house and limit the time of online games to 2-3 hours or let your kids play online games once they complete their work or chore.

8. Ask Children Not To Leave Their Phones Unattended

Leaving your phones just like that may give an opportunity to thieves and malicious people. Once a person gets hold of their phones or devices, they make access to their personal info or even give threats. So ask your children to be vigilant and not leave phones, etc. just like that. Also, ask kids to have locks and passwords on their devices.

These were some of the suggestions kids can follow to limit online dangers. Also, it is highly advisable to install potent antivirus software like SYSVOOT on the system. Cyber threats are a growing problem and it’s important to keep our kids protected against them.

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