9 Warning Signs Of Identity Theft

9 Warning Signs Of Identity Theft

Hackers are always in the search for getting hold of your personal information to commit identity theft. People committing this crime can get hold of your security number, bank details, and a lot more. Identity theft is a growing crime, and millions of Americans fall prey to it. So it is important to protect yourself from identity theft.

We present to you 9 warning signs of identity Theft that suggest you might be a victim of identity theft. It is important to find these red flags earlier and prevent yourself from having large losses.

9 Warning Signs Of Identity Theft And What To Look For

Given below are some signs that suggest identity theft.

Bank Statements Are Erroneous And Cheques Bounce

If you spot even a meager mismatch in your bank statements, it could allude to financial thefts. Inspect your statements regularly, and if you notice some suspicious activities, immediately contact your bank. If someone has access to your account, it is wise to shut it down and open a new one.

You Spot Unauthorized Activity On Your Card

Another sign of theft is if you have unauthorized transactions on your card. When criminals get hold of your card, they might use it to check if it is working or not. If you spot any transactions, immediately contact the merchant and block them. If someone has a good hold of your security number, you also need to create a new account. Also, keep a tab of your credit score to discern any unauthorized actions on it.

You Receive Unfamiliar Bills, Or They Are Amiss

At times, hackers try to change the mailing address, which makes create issues. Criminals also collect your info and might create a new account using your name. And the worst part is, you may not be aware of it until notified.

Losing Your Cellphone Services

Losing your cellphone services is another sign of a breach. If a hacker upgrades another number for your account, your account may lose access to that account. And you shall be charged for the new device. In such a case, reach out to your network provider.

Receiving Calls For Debt

Hackers might use your details to incur loans. Another tell sign of breach is when you receive calls for unpaid bills and can’t recall it. If you face any such situation, you can reach out to any of the 3 credit reporting firms, namely Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You should also reach out to your merchant and complain about the same issue.

Medical Claim Getting Denied

If you get a medical service you didn’t apply for, or if your service is denied, chances are your account is breached. An ID thief might give out your details to get medical aids. Using your ID for their health needs might be deleterious for you as well as the condition and treatment might find entry into your health ID. Watch out for any such medical discrepancies.

Unable To File A Tax Return

If hackers use your name for government work, you have fallen prey to government identity theft. One popular subset of this theft is using your security number and name for tax filing, making it impossible to file taxes. You can contact the police department or Federal Trade Commission to get your issue resolved in such a situation.

Warrant On Your Name

If your security number is used for a crime, a warrant may be issued in your name. This is known as criminal identity theft. If you fall prey to it, contact the police department and law agency to get it fixed.

Notification Related To A Data Breach

If you get a message stating you are a data breach victim, then act immediately and get the issue fixed.

So here were some signs of identifying data breaches or identity thefts. In case you find yourself in a tight spot, act out immediately to sort it out. A safe way to keep yourself protected is to install good security software like SYSVOOT. Install Sysvoot now and be protected from a data breach.

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