How Defend Against Supply Chain Attack

How Defend Against Supply Chain Attack

What is a Supply Chain Attack?

Wondering how supply chain attacks work? You are at the right place. This article will explain the way how supply chain attack are conducted and ways to safeguard yourself.

The supply chain is the network that aids the delivery process from material to manufacture. It is the complete process that includes every aspect including organization, technology, individual, resources, and other aspects. Hackers try to spot weak zones or gain the trust of third-party vendors.

Majorly organizations associated with third-party vendors get attacked first. As the supply chain is on the rise, so are the attacks associated with it. The supply chain where more victims can be targeted is preferred. Detecting these attacks is a Herculean task and we shall talk in length about these attacks.

Risks of Supply Chain Attacks

Given below are some risks of Supply Chain attacks

  • Financial risk: When supply chain attacks are successful, it results in financial losses.
  • Reputational risk: Any breach in the supply chain mars the reputation of a company and makes users hesitant to try the company.
  • Operational risk: The operational aspect is always hindered by this attack and the attacker gains access to the network.
  • Social risk: Any attack results in users and vendors losing trust in the brand or company and makes them doubtful of trusting it again.

Points To Keep In Mind to Secure Your Supply Chain

It is always recommended to secure your Supply chain to keep these attacks at bay. Some steps that be undertaken include:

  • Provide your suppliers with high-level security and adopt strict strategies while executing them.
  • Ensure all your data is protected. Whenever any new data is introduced, undertake utmost care to protect them.
  • Ensure all new updates are executed to keep up your security game.

Supply Chain Attack Mitigation

Security should be sturdy in all the steps to ensure attacks are at bay.

  • Supplier Management: At every step including contracts, assessment, monitor, execution, etc. should be protected. Ensure security norms are adhered to.
  • Asset management: Having a clear understanding of the status of the organization and suppliers should be well informed about the same.
  • People awareness: Suppliers and contractors are two main aspects of supply chain management. Filter people applying for suppliers through a robust security screening. They should be given clearance after a thorough process.
  • Monitoring and cyber threat intelligence: Using this you can examine things if they go haywire. They can detect threats at the start and take steps to eradicate them
  • Penetration testing: Many third-party offer this service wherein they check how easily attackers can penetrate the supply chain. You can use this service and adopt steps to make penetration difficult.


It is essential to ensure that all required steps are undertaken to safeguard every step in your supply chain. Also, update your security function of the organization to ensure utmost safety. A good Supply Chain Solution not only tracks these attacks but also prevents them. As these attacks are evolving, robust security is the key. SYSVOOT is a powerful software that helps your organization detect them.  So install sysvoot now and be safe.

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