How To Create A Strong Password

How To Create A Strong Password

Passwords are the gateway to your personal and confidential information and it is always recommended to keep a strong password. While keeping a robust password is recommended, remembering them can be difficult. But not anymore. Follow our tips to keep an easy yet strong password and safeguard your personal information.

Data breaches have become a nuisance in today’s world and weak passwords accentuate these attacks. So what is the retort? Choosing an unbreakable password. But before we talk about how to choose a strong password let’s understand how criminals access passwords.

How Do Criminals Access Your Password?

While there are several mechanisms by which criminals get hold of your password, the easiest retort is to buy them on the dark web. If you have been using a password for a long period, a great probability is that it has been compromised. Some other ways to access passwords are as follows

Brute Attack Force

In this type of attack, the hacker launches software that tries various combinations to crack the password. Studies have shown that these attacks can track passwords of 6 characters within 33 minutes but tracking 10 characters’ passwords may require 150 years. So the longer the password, the better it is.

Dictionary Attack

In dictionary attacks, instead of random characters, predefined words are used. You will survive a dictionary attack, only if you use a combination of many words.


Another way hackers get hold of your password is via phishing attacks. In phishing scams, the hacker will give you a bait by stating something is wrong and asking you to fix it by filling in your details. Once you fill in your details, your account will be hacked.

What is a strong password?

We have already talked about how passwords are hacked, let’s understand how to keep a strong password.

Don’t Keep Obvious Passwords 

Never keep a sequential password like qwerty or 1234. Also do not opt for passwords or any personal information. Hackers would use these common passwords to access your account.

Stay away from these 10 common passwords

  • 123456
  • 123456789
  • qwerty
  • 111111
  • password
  • 12345678
  • abc123
  • 1234567
  • Password1
  • 123123

How To Keep The Brute Attack At Bay

  • Keep long passwords- As discussed earlier, longer passwords reduce the risk of being tracked
  • Keep a combination of alphanumeric codes
  • Don’t use substitutions
  • Don’t utilize common keyboard tracks

How To Choose A Strong Password

Choose a Multi-word Password

While using a multi-word password is suggested, we present you with a way to execute it with a twist. Choose words that are bizarre-sounding and proper nouns and keep a mental image of them so that you can remember them.

Use Sentences

This method also known as Bruce Schneier Method is a method in which you have to choose a random sentence and covert it into a password code by opting for the first two letters of every word. This is a strong password and while it may seem random but in actual, you can remember it easily.

Utilize Password Manager And Generator 

You can use a password manager to keep a tab of all the passwords you use except one- the password used to access the manager. You can also use the password generator to devise random passwords.

Check For Data Leaks

Try using tests to check if your password has been leaked in previous attacks and if yes, change them immediately.

Be Vigilant

Before giving your information to various websites, be watchful if the website is safe or not. Ensure it has https and adheres to safety norms.

Utilize Multi-factor Authentication 

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) augments an additional layer to safeguard you. Along with a password, they require additional information to let you access the account. For your smartphones, you can use MFA apps like Authenticator of Google and authy. These apps devise an OTP along with the password to let you access the account.

Some Additional Tips

Along with the above tips, you can follow the steps given below to be sure:

  • Use a VPN whenever using public Wi-Fi. That ways, your information stays protected.
  • Never disclose your password to anyone
  • While choosing security questions, choose answers that only you know about and are hard to guess
  • Also, spread this information to your near and dear ones to keep them safe.
  • Lastly, install antivirus software like SYSVOOT to keep cyber threats at bay.

So here was our guide to formulating a powerful password. Ensure you follow these steps and be protected from threats and data breaches.

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