Is Antivirus Enough Protection For Your Family?

With the advent of the internet, cyber threats have been on the rise as well. With growing dangers, a pertinent question that everyone wishes to ask is whether a good antivirus is enough. If you have a similar query, then this blog is for you. Read further to know more about whether a good antivirus is a panacea for all cyber threats and what points to keep in mind while investing in a good antivirus.

Is All In One Antivirus Enough?

If you wanted a simple answer to this question, then the one-word answer would be no. Having a good quality antivirus is the first step to building robust protection. If you have children who surf the internet, then online security becomes more crucial. To build security there are 2 prevalent pathways. The first is investing in various tools and then integrating them; the second is investing in an all-in-one antivirus like SYSVOOT. The problem with the first mechanism is you are at risk of not including all the features.

Things To Consider While Purchasing An All-In-One Antivirus

Before investing in an AIO antivirus, consider the following facts.

Is the antivirus functional on desktops as well as phones? You need protection for all your devices and so it is integral to have software that works and protects all devices. Also, it is important to see if the features are different for different OS or do they have the same features for every platform.

Whether the software functions proactively or retroactively? This point explains how your Antivirus works once malware enters. Does it take action immediately when the malware enters or does it get working after the malware has been damaged? SYSVOOT offers real-time protection ensuring the safety of your devices. Also, it is recommended to have a built-in firewall along with antivirus and antimalware to stay protected.

Is your privacy maintained? Usually, it is recommended to invest in software that does not compromise your privacy. It is important to invest in antivirus that provides utmost security to your family especially while shopping and banking. Some antivirus including SYSVOOT is equipped with features that track when certain websites don’t adhere to HTTPS protocol.

Does it have a VPN?  VPN is a must, especially when using public networks. They not only offer security while using public networks but also keep your location private and protect you during various online activities. It also lets you surf content which might have a geographical restriction. However, some VPNs come with data restrictions.

Does your antivirus keep a tab of data breaches and password breaks? This feature is highly beneficial and informs you whenever there is a breach in data. Once you get to know about it, you can immediately change your password.

Lastly, the cost. It is also important to see whether the antivirus is economical and if it is worth it. It is important to note that some features are available for free whereas some features are accessible only after paying a certain price.

So here was your guide to purchasing all in one antivirus. We hope you found it useful. If you are planning to purchase a good quality antivirus, then our recommendation is SYSVOOT. It also comes with a free day trial that lets you first try it and then invest in it. So try SYSVOOT now and stay protected.

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