Is Zoom Safe & Secure?

Is Zoom Safe & Secure

The pandemic witnessed the surge of virtual meetings and dealings and one application that surely became omnipresent is Zoom. Zoom became the platform for meetings, discussions, interviews, and conferences. Not only did Zoom become the app for formal meetings, but also it was used for education, hobby classes, and informal meetings. In the current times, Zoom has become one of the most used platforms, but the underlying question remains, is it safe?

This is a question that has always been a concern among Zoom users. Plus the data breach controversy aggravated this lurking doubt. While Zoom offers an interactive platform where people can use video, audio, annotate, chat, etc., the question of safety is something every user possesses. So without much delay, let’s start with our discussion.

How Safe Is Zoom?

For any corporation or firm having a robust security structure, Zoom is safe to use. But it is not that simple. There are certain nuances attached to it.

Nature Of The Firm And What They Deal In

The simple answer to whether zoom is safe or not depends on the nature of your work and how sensitive the data you are dealing with is. For instance, if the data you discuss is of national security concern, then zoom is not the platform. Actually, none of the video conferencing options are viable. All the smart devices in a way are keeping a tab of what we are doing or saying, so in the matter of grave security concerns, Zoom is not that safe.

Facts To Consider Before Using Zoom

Some points to think about before using Zoom or for that matter any video conference application is as follows:

  • The sector your firm works in
  • Does it deal in intellectual property
  • Does it have to adhere to any national security protocol
  • Whether overhearing the discussions is a national security concern or have grave consequences
  • The national policy regarding zoom

Is Zoom a Chinese Company?

No, it is a US-based company and has no connections with China whatsoever. The founder of Zoom has made an official statement stating that he has been a US citizen since 2007.

What Do US And UK Governments Say About Zoom?

There is a special variant of Zoom used by the US government called ZoomGov. This ensures the data stays in government. Also, the queen and the UK prime minister use zoom.

To know more about the UK guidance on zoom, visit and to know about the US government CISA


Murphy’s Law & Data Breaches

Murphy’s law states that the majority of cyber attacks happen across the weekend i.e. on Fridays in the west and on Thursdays in the middle East. The maximum amount of attacks happen when people are out and enjoying themselves. The best way to protect ourselves against them is by trying out Incident Response plans at a virtual conference.

Overall, zoom is a decent platform providing phenomenal features like annotating, screen sharing, switching on videos, and driving mode. Also, it is usually free from technical glitches making it a popular application.

Some Alternatives For Zoom

There Are Numerous Alternatives To Zoom. Some Of Them Are:

  • Microsoft Teams: It is a good platform that is developing every day. It still lacks the features of Zoom but slowly they are being integrated into Teams.
  • Google Meet: The most popular alternative to Zoom, Meet is a sought-after application. However, it still lacks the breakout room facility.
  • Some other applications include Join Me, Blue Jeans, etc.

Before we move ahead, it is important to note that none of these applications are completely free from data breaches. Please read the national policies regarding it and also use your prudence while using these applications.

To conclude, we would like to state that having security software makes using Zoom a little better. One of the recommended software you could install on your system is SYSVOOT. For further details, you can visit our website

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