Steps to Undertake Immediately After a Ransomware Attack

Steps to Undertake Immediately After a Ransomware Attack

Have you recently got the information that you have met with a ransomware attack? No need to panic! You just need to be calm and undertake certain steps to ensure minimum damage. You don’t have to follow it step by step but these are some steps you can undertake in case of an attack.


After you discover an attack, the first step is to decipher how the attack is spreading. You can use the endpoint to understand whether it surpassed the firewall and if yes why. Also, after that analyze the magnitude and repercussions of the attack to figure out the steps that would be required to be taken.


Once you decipher which components have been compromised, it is a practical thing to cut them off. Either power it off or in case they are a bunch of devices, switch them off and handle them individually.

If a network of devices has been affected, then you need to undertake more solemn steps. Ensure you become offline at the switch level to stop the spreading of the attack. If turning off the switch is not feasible try to switch off the WIFI or ethernet. Keeping the affected system or part in quarantine ensures the ransomware doesn’t spread to other devices.

Communication & Prevention

Ensure you have a safe and good communication channel to keep your teammates updated. Once you analyze what all damages have taken place draw a map about how to rectify it.

Also, confirm if you have a strong cybersecurity layer. If you have that, you shall be notified immediately about any damages or an attack. If you are looking for a great cybersecurity solution, then SYSVOOT is one brand you can take into the picture. Based on the severity of the attack, employ services and tools to rectify the attack.

Backup and restore

Never directly remove the files that are affected instead take them to an isolated place and create their backup.  When you use decryption there is always a risk of losing data. Also, at times decryption comes with bugs. Having a backup of your file always comes in handy and in case you lose it, you can always access it. Also, if you remove files without creating a backup, you would lose evidence of the attack. Law enforcement is working earnestly to detect these miscreants and punish them, and reporting them is a great deed. So always have a backup to show while filling a complaint.


Now after you evaluate the seriousness and depth of the attack, you can decide whether you wish to pay the ransom. This is highly discouraged and also there is no assurance whether you will get back access to your locked files. Some high-tech encryption still lacks the proper decryption key so it is important to consider these facts before budging to their request.

So if you are a victim of a ransomware attack, do not lose your cool and think it through. Also, always remember to have a good quality antivirus like SYSVOOT to curb any such attacks. Lastly, report these crimes to the concerned authority and contribute your bit to make the internet a safer place.


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