What Are Malicious Websites ?

What Are Malicious Websites

Many people have the misconception that downloading malware is the way to damage the security of the system. Malicious websites and drive-by downloads are other ways to prevent a breach in security without saving any malware. The best way to keep them at bay is to have good antivirus software, and our recommendation is SYSVOOT.

What are Malicious Websites?

A malicious website is defined as any website that endeavors to infect your device with malware. Malware is a code or application that tries to obstruct the working of your system. 

At times, any action may require the user’s action, but the action will execute without seeking any permission. Malicious websites appear as useful websites. At times, they exhibit that your device needs an application to lure you into installing them.  For instance, you may be prompted to install the codec. While it may appear legitimate, at times, it might damage your system.

What is a Drive-by Download?

Drive-by download and malicious websites may be similar, but drive-by download is more dangerous. Drive-by downloads install on the system even when you visit any browser, browse any email, or tap on any pop-up.

This is very scary as you might not know if any malware is installed on your device. Also, it might be difficult for security software to detect it as it is formulated difficultly. Drive-by downloads don’t require any consent or can trick you into giving one. It is usually concealed in the website code.

After it is downloaded, removing it isn’t easy. The drive-by download can be present in websites you visit often.

How to Protect Yourself Against These?

  • Having a good quality antivirus is the first step. While basic antivirus may not be effective, installing software like SYSVOOT shall protect you.
  • Keep your software up to date. Updates fix the gaps which hackers attack.
  • Don’t download codecs until they are essential.
  • Don’t access email or attachments that are suspect.
  • If you get email links as attachments, browse them by entering their URL on the browser instead of clicking on them.
  • You can also check the URL by using the internet protection feature of SYSVOOT.
  • Close the website that seems dubious.

So here are our tips to protect yourself against malicious websites. Also, you can install SYSVOOT and be ready to tackle any such threats. Install SYSVOOT now and be safe.

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