What Is A Botnet Attack?

What Is Botnet

A Botnet is a group of devices that are affected by malware. Using a Botnet, hackers can access and control a group of devices and introduce a series of attacks. Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks are the most common types and they are also used to access data.

We live in a world of technological grandeur and the irony lies in the fact that how comfortable our lives have become, it also gives the window to cybercriminals to induce attacks. One of the tools used by them is the botnet. A botnet is used to induce a large level attack and to protect ourselves from them it is crucial to understand them first.

What Is A Botnet Attack?

A “botnet” attack arises from the truth that a botnet is utilized to execute the attack, but it is understood as a DDoS—or Distributed Denial of Service attack. DDoS attack withholds actual users’ access to a service by bombing it with admission requests, to the degree that it can no further regulate the number of users striving to enter it.

This attack is dependent on time and the majority of devices are unable to tackle it. Even if some devices do tackle it, the quality of service deteriorates.

Why a Botnet?

This type of attack can be transmitted from a single area, even a sole system. Another aspect is that it is simple to shut down. Once it is found the request is from one place, it can be blocked. By spreading the requests, it makes it tricky to pin them down. One way of doing so is by using harmless users who are unaware of their system being used for this.

Why Do These Attacks Happen?

There could be various explanations for this. One of the major reasons could be to get benefits. It could be for personal reasons or monetary gains as well.

White Hat Botnet

Not only do bad guys use this tool, but people are also using this for good causes. Their role is to check whether your server is potent enough to handle botnets. They tag themselves as stressors or booters and offer numerous tools for accessing your server.

Protecting Your System from Botnets

If you possess a device you are always at a risk of becoming a part of a botnet. However, it is easy to safeguard your devices from this. Being vigilant and keeping your devices up to date is the easiest retort to protect yourself. Also, having a potent antivirus comes in handy.

Protecting Your Servers From a Botnet

The easiest way to detect botnet is by employing cloud services. These services function by giving vast quantities of more bandwidth that your traffic can be accessed through in times of enormous traffic. To put it simply, it provides a lot of paths for traffic to enter.


Anyone can be a part of the botnet and hence it is referred to as a zombie network. The good part is by being careful and adopting some steps you can protect yourself. You can also install a robust antivirus like SYSVOOT and be safe.

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