What Is A Macro Virus?

What Is Macro Virus - Sysvoot Antivirus Pro

A macro virus is a type of virus coded in the macro language that is utilized for various software applications, including the word suite. Microsoft Word and Excel are two well-known applications that support potent macro languages. The languages are ingrained in the files which enable them to operate automatically when the documents are accessed.

If a macro virus finds its way into the documents, it has the capability to hamper the files. Once the macro virus is accessed, it commences automatic activities which can damage the device.

How Do Macro Virus Spread?

The most common way through which macro viruses spread is via email attachments of phishing scams. Once the macro virus enters a system, it gets hold of the victim’s email contacts and spreads it further.

As the email seems to come from a viable source, others open the attachment, and this way the virus spreads. They run on applications and not on OS.

Some Other Ways How They Spread include:

  • Files shared via disk
  • Files shared through a network
  • Accessed Email attachments
  • Storing a file via modem and accessing it
  • Saving a file from the net and opening it

Detecting the macro virus, like other viruses, is a little tricky.

What Do Macro Virus Do?

Macro viruses can accomplish several functions. Some of these functions include editing text, changing location, formulating files, etc. One of the most destructive jobs is to propagate viruses and malware.

One of the most popular viruses is Melissa Virus from 1999. Accessing this virus enabled it to spread further to 50 of the victim’s contacts. The virus spread at a very high rate causing havoc in the world.

As this virus works on applications rather than OS, the virus can damage devices working on various OS including Windows and non-Windows.

What Are The Signs Of A Macro Virus Infection?

As we have discussed the properties of macro viruses, now let’s understand the telltale signs of this infection.

  • Sluggish performance of the system
  • Asking for a password when not required
  • Storing documents in template format
  • Display of absurd messages

How To Get Rid Of Macro Viruses?

The best way to prevent or remove macro viruses is to use robust security software. One such software we recommend is SYSVOOT.

Now if your system has such files, you can do as follows:

  • Tap shift while accessing documents. This enables the safe mode.
  • Now find if there are any macro files. If yes, delete them.
  • For word and excel,
    • Tap view followed by Macros
    • Choose organizer
    • Spot the infected files and remove them

How To Prevent Macro Viruses From Infecting The Device?

Some tips that can be adopted to prevent the infection include:

  • Install the updates that come for your security software
  • Update your OS frequently
  • Employ digital signatures. They detect the source and warn if the files are risky
  • Use a good antivirus software like SYSVOOT to prevent macro viruses from affecting your system.

So here was our guide on macro viruses. We hope you find them useful. In a nutshell, to keep yourself safe, it is important to have a good antivirus software. So install SYSVOOT now

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