What is an Evil Twin Attack and How to Stay Protected Against It

What is an Evil Twin Attack

Evil Twin might give the impression of a vicious horror movie, but in reality, this attack is related to the online world. In Evil Twin attack, your personal information is stolen while you try to use public Wi-Fi.

How Exactly Does The Evil Twin Attack Work?

In Evil Twin Attacks, the hacker tries to mimic a legitimate network and when users use it, their valuable information is compromised. These types of attacks are carried out by man-in-the-middle (MITM). These fake Wi-Fi steal important information of the user and causes huge losses to them. At times, they work in collaboration with phishing scams, where an evil twin attack directs them to a phishing site. As soon as the hacker gets your information, the victim gets disconnection and the server would become slow.

The Detailed Procedure of Evil Twin Attack

Step 1: Setting access point: Hackers are always in the search for free access to Wi-Fi. They would imitate Service Set Identifier (SSID) giving the fake Wi-Fi a legitimate appearance.

Step 2: Setting up fake captive portals: They try to move in the vicinity of the victim to provide them with a strong network and connect their phone to the network. Those ways, they get access to personal information.

Step 3: Promote connection to evil twin networks: Once you connect to the network, they get access to your info.

Step 4: Steal information: Thereafter, the hacker will use your personal info that makes you suffer huge losses.

Example of The Attack

One of the major ways how an attacker will try to steal your information is as follows:

  • The hacker is already with his setup but just looking for an evil twin network.
  • Once a person logs in, the attack starts
  • The victim uses his bank account to transfer money. The hacker uses this opportunity and changes the details. Once he receives the money, he shall change the receipt details giving the impression that the person has successfully completed the transaction.

Another Variant

  • Hacker creates an evil twin along with the phishing site
  • The victim will try to log in to the fraudulent website thinking it to be original
  • Then the hacker steals the information and can use it to transfer funds, etc.

How to Save Yourself from Evil attacks?

  • Use VPN: VPN is a virtual private network that encrypts your information.
  • Disable autosave: Disable autosave of Wi-Fi and whenever you need to store something, be careful before allowing it.
  • Be careful: Whenever using public Wi-Fi, keep your eyes open, and whenever something seems fishy, close it.

The evil twin is a method adopted by hackers to steal information. So be safe and adopt all the methods to safeguard yourself.

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