What Do You Mean By Cyberterrorism

What is Cyberterrorism and Ways to Protect Yourself from Cyberattacks?

Our lives are highly dependent on the internet. While there are various advantages for the same, there are also various risks for the same. Cyber terrorism is also one of the ills that are on the rise owing to the advent of technology and the internet. Cyberterrorism knew as internet terrorism is the use of the internet to threaten and intimidate the victim.

In the pandemic period, when companies had implied WFH culture which was highly dependent on the internet, there was a rise in cyber threats. While making it 100% secure is not feasible, there are certain steps you can undertake to make it safe.

Ways To Safeguard Yourself From Cyberterrorism

Some steps that can be undertaken to protect yourself include:

  • Not use public Wi-Fi
  • Keep different passwords
  • Not link accounts
  • Update your OS frequently
  • Be aware which data about yours is available online

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

If you are using public Wi-Fi, you are at a higher risk of compromising your data. Using public Wi-Fi, hackers can get hold of your personal as well as banking information. So you can employ the VPN by SYSVOOT to keep yourself safe.

Avoid Using The Same Password For All Accounts

It is always recommended to have different usernames and passwords for various accounts. With the internet becoming an essential part of our lives, it becomes more essential to keep different passwords and usernames for various accounts.

Don’t Link All Accounts

While it may seem convenient to use Google and Facebook accounts for accessing various platforms, to keep yourself safe it is recommended not to link all your accounts. This way, if one account is hacked, other accounts would also be compromised.

Update Your OS

If you have an obsolete OS, you are at a higher risk of getting attacked. So whenever you spot any updates, execute them to keep yourself safe.

Must Know What Information Is Available Online About You

At times, unknowingly, we share the information which makes it easy for hackers. So it is advisable to be vigilant and prudent while sharing information.


Cyberterrorism is a nuisance in today’s world and it is important to protect yourself. A great way to ensure your safety is by having good quality Antivirus software like SYSVOOT. Install SYSVOOT now and keep yourself protected.

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