What is Magecart Attack ?

Every day we hear about cases of threats and vulnerabilities. And one such attack which is making the rounds is the Magecart attack. This attack was targeting credit card details. In this blog, we shall speak in detail about this attack and how to protect against this cyber attack.

What is Magecart ? How Hackers Steal Payment Card Details Using It?

Magecart is a group of at least 7 cyber criminal groups. They are the mastermind behind the high-grade cyber attacks for a few years.

Their attacks are intended to steal financial and personal information. A study found that in 2019 there were 80 compromised eCommerce websites. Now coming to where it started from, it is believed that it started in 2014 when one company began the spread of this attack. Experts believe these attacks are on the rise.

How Does The Magecart Attack Work?

The prominent way how attackers spread the attack is by injecting malicious JavaScript code from the credit card. They can access information when a person types the details while checkout; this process is known as online skimming or web skimming. They easily get hold of the plugin to inject the code that they get from third-party sources.

How is The Magecart Attack Different from Traditional Online Skimming?

Magecart is popular for skimming attacks. Hackers are trying to evolve their attacks and it has tried to use a new kind of JavaScript skimmer that gets infected while checking out on 17 e-commerce websites.

The skimmer identifies the Magecart group by weakening creative ad scripts to generate leads. They result in 17% of malicious ads. It was also identified that they are using different kinds of methodologies to compromise the website with skimming code.


Cyber crimes are on the rise and are incrementing day by day. In such a situation, it becomes important to safeguard yourself against any of these attacks. A great way to do that is to install SYSVOOT. Install now and stay protected.

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