What Is WarXing ? What Are the Benefits?

There is a new term in vogue called WarXing, but what exactly is it? This blog shall provide you with an in-depth understanding of it.

Without the internet, nothing can be done. Everything needs a stable network, from chatting with your friends on social media to looking for something online, from streaming online content to writing an email. For providing you with a stable network, WarXing comes into the picture.

WarXing is the broad term that defines all the activity undertaken to look for a Wi-Fi network. The ‘X’ can be replaced by any activity undertaken to find the network. For instance, if you are driving and looking for Wi-Fi, it is known as Wardriving; similarly, if you are on a bike, it becomes Warcycling.

The various forms of WarXing are as follows:

  • Warchalking: A common method of WarXing
  • Warcycling: People cycle to find the network
  • War dialing: People use phone numbers to locate modems
  • Wardriving: While driving, people try to find network
  • Warflying: Aircraft or drones are used to accomplish the task.

Use of WarXing

WarXing is used for various reasons. It is used for piggybacking in a non-harmful manner. Also, it might be used to undertake any illegal activities that normal networks may prevent. Another reason is to infiltrate the system. They might steal information; public Wi-Fi, therefore, becomes a threat.

The main sector of threat is office buildings and shopping marts. People get vulnerable networks that may steal their personal information like card numbers, credit card info, etc. If any firm uses unknown Wi-Fi, they come under threat. Wardrivers try to break into WER’s encryption.

Benefits of WarXing in Cyber Security:

Some of the benefits of using WarXing in cyber security is as follows:

  • Safeguarding your business: WarXing provides security to your organization and keeps ransomware and adware at bay.
  • Enhancing productivity: Viruses and malware adversely affect the system and, in the process, make it slow and non-functioning. WarXing removes all such adverse effects.
  • Instills confidence in users: If you give out the message that your organization is protected against any lurking threats, your consumers trust you more.
  • Prevents website from going down: If your website is under the radar of cyber criminals, it is always at a risk of going down. Once it does, your website would shut down, costing you money and time.

It is always beneficial to protect your business in all segments. The best way to do that is by safeguarding your business and employees. You can connect with them via Wi-Fi and showcase to the world that you are open for business. WarXing is recommended for all kinds of businesses to keep them protected in the longer run.

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