Why are Proxy Servers Important for Cybersecurity?

Why are Proxy Servers Important for Cybersecurity

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy servers also known as a proxy is a virtual or real channel through which the internet traffic on a web server or system is channelized. The request from your device gets a new IP address and hence hides your true identity. Proxies play an integral role in safeguarding you from identity thefts. Along with this, there are various other benefits of using a proxy.

As per a report published by the FBI, the USA witnessed more than 790,000 internet crimes in the year 2020. These attacks included ransomware attacks, phishing, frauds, etc. and the estimated loss from these crimes was more than $4.2 billion. The estimated loss due to cybercrimes globally came around  $1 trillion. The statistics even show that the estimated cost and magnitude of these crimes will proliferate in the coming times. And having proxies is a great way of safeguarding your professional as well as personal data.

Types of Proxies

To safeguard your data and identity, you can employ either residential proxies or datacenter proxies. Datacenter proxies are quicker, have unlimited bandwidth, great uptime, and performance. Similarly, residential proxies help disguise the actual IP address of a person. Residential proxies break the barrier of accessing content that has a geographic restraint. In a nutshell, both these proxies have a set usage.

Benefits of Using Proxies

Some of the advantages of using proxies include:

  • Safeguarding against email phishing
  • Protection from identity thefts
  • DDoS safety
  • Evading data breaches and ransomware threats
  • Malware safety

Safeguarding Against Email Phishing

Email phishing is a type of cybercrime through which email is used to garner information or propagate ransomware attacks. To evade this, firms can utilize proxies. While using proxies for email, this can examine any harmful content for email. This prevents malicious emails from reaching your inbox. The ideal proxy for this is datacenter one as it is fast and has a higher performance. Along with proxy, firms should also use ransomware protection steps to ensure these attacks are at bay.

Protection from Identity Thefts

Identity theft is a grave crime that results in a lot of losses. The way to propagate this crime includes criminals counterfeiting original products with original brand names. Then these fraudulent products are sold in the pretense of original products resulting in huge losses.

The great news is that you can decipher fake products using proxies. Even proxies provide access to information having geographical restraints. Proxy servers have a vast pool of IP addresses that help firm’s access information. This in tandem with the phenomenal performance of datacenter proxies helps brands safeguard themselves from identity thefts.

DDoS Safety

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a type of cybercrime that targets the functioning of a website. Using this, various requests are made to the server more than it can handle. To prevent this attack, firms should use a content delivery network (CDN), which is a type of proxy distributed across the network. The CDS would have the same content as the website and helps the client access the content which is closest to them.

Also, reverse proxies are another way to stop this attack. A reverse proxy is present on the internet connection of the server that safeguards the server from DDoS attacks by keeping a tab of frequently visited web pages in a cache and presents easy access upon request.

Evading Data Breaches and Ransomware Threats

Phishing is executed not only through emails but also by creating fake websites. Using datacenter proxies, the websites are filtered that are fraudulent.

Malware Safety

Transparent proxies are used to prevent malware. This lets users access authentic websites. As users will not notice their presence hence this term.


Using proxies accentuates the safety of any user or firm. You can use various types of Proxies as per your need and protect yourself. Sysvoot comes with a proxy feature to help safeguard your firm or personal information from being a victim of various types of cybercrimes. Install Sysvoot now and add protection to your devices.


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