Windows vs Mac: Which to Choose?

Nowadays, laptops and computers have become a necessity like food and water. We can hardly find anyone today who doesn’t own a laptop or a computer. Every laptop or computer needs an operating system and the two most widely used OS are Mac and Windows.

There has always been a question of which one is better among the two and here, we would try to find an answer to it. So let’s start.

What is an Operating System?

The OS can be defined as the first program that executes when any system is switched on. It becomes the first software to run on any device which later supports other software. Your system uses the OS to execute all the functions on the system.

You can interact with an OS in 2 means, either through a user interface like a command-line interface (CLI) or a graphical UI (GUI). 2 popular interfaces are Siri and Cortana.

All about Mac

When we talk about Mac, like every other OS, it has certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s understand the pros and cons of Mac.

Pros of Mac

  • If you have apple devices, then you already know how perfectly they all work together. If you have an iPhone or iPad, having a Mac system is preferable.
  • Also, Mac is popular for its processing and user-friendliness. They are more smarter and efficient to work upon as compared to any Windows device.
  • macOS is also popular for its retinal attributes hence making it a preferred OS for editors, graphic designers, artists, and everyone working in this arena. Lastly, Mac is sleek and attractive looking when compared to other OS.

Cons of Windows

  • The major con of windows is a security risk. As it is more widely used, criminals make more malware targeting it. The best way to eradicate these dangers is to install a good quality antivirus like Sysvoot.
  • Another con of Windows is that major software is not embedded and you may have to pay a price to purchase them.
  • The technical support is not that great and it is susceptible to more errors.

Final Word

Windows and Mac are both equally good and choosing from either of the two is based on your requirement. Just peruse the pros and cons before you make a pick so that you can understand which OS works for you. We hope you find this article useful.

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