Free vs Paid Antivirus

Free vs Paid Antivirus

Whenever you get an option to buy any antivirus software, you would get an option to purchase the software which is either free or has a price. At the first instance, the free antivirus may be tempting, but you need to understand the difference between the two.

  • 1 Budget

    The free antivirus comes without any price tag whereas the paid version comes at a price which differs according to the features and versions.

  • 2 Features

    The free variant of the antivirus is only instilled with mere basic features and in comparison, the paid version will have a myriad of features which shall be functional.

  • 3 Adverts

    It is one of the other points to consider, while understanding the difference. The free version of any antivirus would have in-built ads, which can be annoying. In contrast, the paid versions would be bereft of the ads.

  • 4 Support

    Free antivirus software don't have a guarantee and are restricted to mere FAQs. If you come up with any difficult issue, chances are your issues won't be resolved. However, with a paid version you get dedicated support.

  • 5 Protection

    Like mentioned earlier, free variants would be restricted to bare minimum features, so a free antivirus may not be potent enough like its paid counterpart to provide overall protection.

When you are ready to purchase any antivirus, you might be baffled about whether to purchase a free variant or a paid one. To help you in your judgement, SYSVOOT would come with a 30-day free trial. The trial version would have all the features as that of the paid version including banking protection, children feature, anti-phishing, etc. So do not miss a chance to avail the free version of SYSVOOT and protect your system.