• 1 Our Virus Protection Pledge
    • 1.1With every SYSVOOT purchase and for its automatic renewal feature, we shall comply with our Virus Protection Pledge. As per this, you have our 100% Guarantee that if a device is infected by a virus, a SYSVOOT delegate shall eliminate it, and if our executive is unable to, we will deliver a refund on your purchase price. Since the date of your purchase be assured that you have our back and our antivirus protection will bestow you with phenomenal attributes that shall put your insecurities to rest.
  • 2 Information we seek:

    We may ask customers to provide us the following:

    • 2.1Name and other details required for filling the application
    • 2.2Contact information, including contact number and email address.
    • 2.3Demographic details like country of residence, postal address, ZIP code, etc.
    • 2.4Some other data which may ease out the application process
  • 3 Features of SYSVOOT
    • 3.1Antivirus For Windows: Our PCs accomplish a gamut of tasks, so it becomes quintessential to safeguard them. SYSVOOT is instilled with robust features that enable it to detect any lurking viruses and remove them at the earliest. Our efforts are to make SYSVOOT better than it was yesterday and making it ready to detect any new kind of virus as well.
    • 3.2Registry Cleanup: Issues related to the registry are pretty prevalent and the simplest fix for any such issue is the Registry Cleanup. Registry Cleanup detects and erases entries of non-existent applications on the registry, and also repairs your registry by fixing invalid or corrupted entries.
    • 3.3Anti Spyware: At a constant threat that hackers may be spying on you? If yes, simply download SYSVOOT Antivirus Pro and take a sigh of relief. Anti-spyware is instilled with potent features that detect and remove any spyware or any potential spyware from the system.
    • 3.4Malware Protection: Computer devices can be attacked by various types of malware, most common are viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, ransomware, etc. they can steal your sensitive data and even ask for a ransom for your personal data. With SYSVOOT you can leave all these worries at rest. SYSVOOT will detect these malwares and keep your system free from any dangers.
    • 3.5File Shredder: Scared that your deleted files are still subject to recovery? If yes, simply use a file shredder to make your files completely inaccessible. A file shredder makes your files filled with zeros and ones, which makes it next to impossible to be recovered or accessed.
    • 3.6Support via Phone/e-Mail: You might encounter issues with your antivirus. If yes, you needn't worry. If you face any issue with SYSVOOT, you can immediately reach out to tech support for quick and efficacious resolution of all the errors and queries.
    • 3.7User Friendliness: What use is a software if it is burdened by redundant complexities? The features offered by SYSVOOT are user-friendly and any user, even if he finds himself not good with technology, can easily utilize this software.
    • 3.8Pricing: SYSVOOT offers all-around protection at the most economical rates. We are of the firm opinion that a user needn't dangle between hefty price and holistic protection, so we have come with an antivirus that is pocket friendly and provides robust security.
    • 3.9 Ransomware Prevention: Ransomware is a type of malware from cryptovirology that encrypts a victim's files. The attacker then demands a ransom from the victim to restore access to the data upon payment. To protect your data from such attacks you may use SYSVOOT Antivirus Pro as it comes up with Ransomware Protection at no extra cost.
    • 3.10Real Time Protection:All kinds of malware are subject to finding a way into the system whenever your system is active. So, to evade any losses due to malware, SYSVOOT has real-time protection. This feature ensures SYSVOOT can detect any suspicious software from afar and shield your system from hackers.