Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Antivirus software scans any document, file, or application and matches it to the already present information on the database. This way it can detect any malicious software.
Antivirus compares the bits of any software to the data in its database. If the bits are exact, then the software is deemed as a virus and the virus is either removed or quarantined.
The VPN helps you hide your data by encrypting it when sent on a network. Similarly, an antivirus keeps the malware and cyber-attack away from any device. Both help in protecting the information and device by keeping it away from attacks, but antivirus works at the device level, and VPN works at the network level.
SYSVOOT is an antivirus software instilled with anti-malware, anti spyware, and various other phenomenal features. SYSVOOT is adept at protecting your system from any malicious attack or program.
SYSVOOT can prevent much ransomware from entering the system, but once the ransomware enters the system, the antivirus cannot stop it. Ransomware works differently as compared to conventional viruses, as ransomware controls important files by encrypting them.
Computers are at constant risk of being attacked by new viruses. Any antivirus update contains the latest files that can help tackle the threat of new viruses- by detecting and removing them. So to ensure your system is adept at mitigating any kind of new kind of malware and virus, it is essential to update SYSVOOT frequently.

If SYSVOOT is not responding, it could stem due to following reasons:

  • The presence of incompatible software on the system. Ensure you remove them and that shall fix the issue.
  • Another probable cause of this error is inaccurate firewall settings.
  • Also, confirm the internet connectivity to mitigate this issue.
  • The error while updating SYSVOOT can result from a variety of causes:

  • Not enough available storage space on your device: If there isn't enough space, it is recommended to free up some storage space and then resume the updating process
  • Slow network connectivity: Ensure you have a strong network connection to execute the updating process
  • Inability to reach the server: If this causes the issue, it is suggested to wait for some time and then start the updating process.
  • For any queries or any issues you face while using SYSVOOT, you can reach out to our toll-free number at 1-866-786-0777 or drop us an email at
    No, you cannot. Currently, SYSVOOT is only supported on Windows 7 or higher versions.
    SYSVOOT is instilled with a variety of scans that can be evoked depending on your wish. Usually, when the SYSVOOT scan is evoked, it may not hamper the performance speed of the system. If your system does get slow during a scan, it can depend on your system specifications and if you have started multiple scans.
    You simply have to navigate to the webpage, fill in your details, choose the version you wish to install, pay the price, and you shall be directed to the download link. Tap on download, follow the onscreen instructions, and you shall be set to use SYSVOOT.
    Yes, you are required to remove any other antivirus software present on your system before installing SYSVOOT. The reason for the same is the fact that two antivirus software are contradictory in nature and the presence of one, may hinder the functioning of the second.
    The minimum requirements are: • The operating system of Windows 7 or above. • 1 GB RAM or above. • 2 GB free space on the hard disk. • Good internet connectivity for activation and installation • Screen resolution: 1024 X 768 pixels
    SYSVOOT has antivirus, anti-malware, and anti spyware protection. Along with it, it has registry cleaning, file shredder, real-time protection and much more.
    The price of SYSVOOT depends on the number of years you need a subscription for and the number of devices you need protection in. Visit the pricing section to know the price.
    Yes, SYSVOOT offers a free trial. Once you make a purchase, you can try the free version of SYSVOOT to determine the features and phenomenal aspects of this antivirus software.
    Yes, SYSVOOT is potent enough to detect any existing virus and even remove them. After detecting any existing virus, it can also remove it from the system.
    To update SYSVOOT, simply log in to your account using the correct credential. Under the software tab, you could see the update icon. Tap on it.
    After you download SYSVOOT, automatically you could use the 30 Days free trial. However, once the period elapses, you would be required to pay the amount to enjoy the amazing features of SYSVOOT.
    In such a scenario, keep in handy the activation code from the My Account section. Try to reactivate SYSVOOT again using that code. In case, the issue continues, contact our support team on 1-866-786-0777 or
    Yes, you can anytime access your SYSVOOT purchase copy by logging in to your account in the My Account option on the website.
    You can write an email on the official website or reach out to us on our contact number stating the reason for your cancellation and the support team shall guide you through. To know more about the cancellation policy, visit
    While you make a purchase, you would be asked to choose the activation period which is 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years. Based on your choice, you could choose any and you shall be priced accordingly.
    If you have changed your mind about the SYSVOOT and want a refund, simply write to us on our official email ID Our team shall assist you with the process. To know more about the refund policy visit