suppliers guidelines

SYSVOOT Supplier Guidelines

SYSVOOT, together with its subsidiaries and any contractors, representatives and agents while they are working on our behalf (together ‘SYSVOOT’).

These Guidelines enlist the social, ethical and environmental paradigms and aims for our supply chain. In line with international regulations, our core beliefs, these Guidelines enlist the principles we abide by and follow. Abiding by the Guidelines also means that you take responsibility for whoever you contact to follow our agreement with us as they too form a part of our supply chain. Any evidence of a breach of our Supplier Guidelines may result in the termination of our contractual relationship.

Our Guidelines are based on international standards, modelling and using some of the language from several sources and in lieu with the guidelines followed by various nations.

Our Guidelines

We expect you to abide by global standards of conduct found in these Guidelines, our policies, and other key international human rights documents.

  • 1 LABOUR
    • 1.1No Discrimination : We do not discriminate against any worker on the basis of the worker’s race, color, age, gender, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, union membership, national origin, or marital status in our hiring and employment practices such as training, promotions, rewards, job assignments, wages, benefits, discipline, termination, and retirement.
    • 1.2No Involuntary Labour : Our executives have a choice of movement to come and go, and to terminate their employment with reasonable notice. No Child Labour : We do not employ children. The minimum age for employment is 18 years.
    • 1.3Student, Intern and Apprentice Labour : We provide appropriate assistance to our student, intern and apprentice labour, and make it a point they are adequately paid according to the standards set by local law.

    We value our workers and believe a healthy happy workforce is more productive. We ensure there is a conducive environment for growth.

    • 2.1Working Hours : Unless there is an exceptional situation, working hours should not go beyond 60 hours, including overtime.
    • 2.2Wages and Benefits : We are required to pay our workers at least the minimum wage and all compulsory benefits required by relevant laws and regulations. Overtime shall be paid at a higher rate than the regular hourly rate.
    • 2.3Freedom of Association : We respect our workers’ right to associate freely, freely form and join workers’ organizations, seek representation, and bargain collectively, in line with relevant laws and regulations.
  • 3 Environment

    We are committed to considering the environment in what we do, and to create sustainable workplaces.

    • 3.1Responsible management : Responsible management
    • 3.2Permits and Registrations : We apply all required environmental permits and registrations.

    We commit to putting in place management systems that help us to identify and mitigate operational risks, comply with relevant laws and regulations relating to operations and products and keep us in conformity with these Guidelines.

    • 4.1 Management Responsibility : We identify the senior executives and representatives responsible for implementing the compliance management systems. Senior management regularly reviews the management systems.
    • 4.2Legal Requirements : We regularly identify, keep abreast of and understand the applicable laws and regulations, including the requirements of these Guidelines, in order to determine operational risks and ensure compliance.
    • 4.3Modern Slavery Due Diligence : We must exercise due diligence in checking that our supply chain and its officers, employees or other persons associated with it have not been convicted of any offence involving slavery and human trafficking.
    • 4.3Training : We ensure training for relevant employees so they understand the principles of the Modern Slavery laws, social, ethical and environmental laws, be able to spot red flags, and prevent incidents of modern slavery, human trafficking and other issues.